Once again I have to start out with What a Day! Up and out of bed at about the usual time 7:00, the well guy was supposed to arrive first thing, 8:30 no well guy. 9:00 call him on his cell, he's on his way. 9:30 he finally arrives yada, yada, pulled the pump, broken wires! I had water by 11:00. Since we had disturbed the well though the water was very muddy, totally clogged the filters after about 10 - 15 minutes. I went on a cleaning frenzy. Meanwhile emailing back and forth with your friend Gail. At one point everything in the house was wet. Kim called! Floored me! Said she'd heard "through the grapevine" about what happened, that "grapevine has roots in Aruba or I don't look like Santa Claus. Finally, everything cleaned, two filters changed, shower for me. Halfway through my shower the filter clogged again, curses! Off to the hardware store for other filters, got some 20 micron and some 10 micron sediment filters, put a 20 in, tomorrow I'll jump back up to 10. Washing machine won't fill, the little filter in it, totally clogged! Take that out, clean it and resume laundry. Then Gail shows up to pick up those books you left her. She brought me some noodle pudding. You remember I teased you about having that for dinner? We called it Chocolate cake for dinner. I remember, sadly I remember it well. Nap Time!!
  I kept hearing children laughing all around me as I fell asleep, I would awaken listen a while, hear nothing, and start to fall asleep again. Happened twice. Then finally sleep and dreams of you, we were cooking. Don't know what, but we were laughing and preparing food in the kitchen. It was a time, some time ago. I woke up so sad. A bright sunny, relatively warm day has become a cold, dark, lonely night. As I always said though, "it's always darkest just before it gets totally black!"
  Damn cats were driving me crazy! I was making the bed and I stop to answer the phone, turn around and there's a cat curled up in the middle of the bed. They kept doing that! Finally I threatened them both with exile to the snow encrusted yard. Haven't seen a cat since, and you said that it's of no use to threaten them. Still have to put the pillow cases on and soon make dinner, I'm actually going to cook tonight since I can wish dishes again.
  I was just looking at the stars, thought about Agora, how you insisted we see the European version. Saw a falling star. Made a wish. You know what I wished for.
Wish You Were Here, Your Ken
Note;Kim was my girlfriend before Abby.