We had a couple of crestfallen cats yesterday. When I opened your drapes they were expecting to see the snow free back yard that they had seen on Sunday, instead they were confronted with an expanse of fresh snow. There’s more on the way! They say it’s going to snow tomorrow and Thursday for a total of 4-9”. Happy Spring! People on the internet are talking about flowers blooming and birds singing while I’m worrying about the snow blower. “Taint Fair Dammit!”
            I found a new song that makes me cry! Well, I didn’t find it, they played it on the radio station. Okay so it’s not new, but I’m hearing it with different ears. You can click it now, not much to watch but you can listen while you read. By the time she got to the lines “I miss the tears, I miss the laughter” I was crying like a little girl again and had to pull over. I’m going to have to rent a little girl to make sure that I’m doing this correctly.
            Nothing much new here. I struggle to keep up with the chores and all the paperwork. The weather continues as usual, snow,sleet,rain, etc. We all miss you. If the daffodils ever bloom I’ll bring some to you at the cemetery. I will, no doubt, have to dig through the snow to place them on your grave.
Till the snow stops falling and the wind stops blowing I am, forever, Your Ken