Blowing It

I'm feling like I'm always running behind, no matter what I try to keep up. I had a paper due at noon today and didn't get it in until 1:15. The professor was gracious enough to accept it despite the lateness. My Brit Lit class is a nightmare. I'm too anxious to even go into the system to check the discussions and input my own thoughts after the professor emailed me a reprimand for not participating. My other class is okay, but again last week I was one of the last ones to get the assignment in. I'm so anxious about doing well that I go over the same paragraph over and over looking for mistakes, cringing at my sentence structure and grammar. I'm convinced the professors must all think I'm an idiot. If I fail at this, any chance of finishing my degree is over. This is my last chance, and I feel like I'm blowing it already.