Blessings from God!

On Friday, I went in for my bloodwork at 7:30am.  I drove to my hometown after that, to visit my grandma at the hospital and help my mom get some of her stuff to the assisted care home she is going to for her hospice care.  I spent most of the day anxiously checking the time.  I decided around 1:30 if they didn't call, I was calling there by 3:30 so I wouldn't miss someone answering the phone.  I exchanged "nothing yet" emails with DH a few times and then we started betting on the time the call would come.  He guessed 3pm, I guessed 3:30 (probably because I knew I'd be calling myself by then!). 
My mom and I had left my grandma's room to get something to eat in the hospital cafeteria.  We had just finished eating outside and I told her I wanted to email DH one more time and then we could go back in.  She called my aunt to update her on grandma, and my phone rang.  I answered it, and the conversation went something like this:Me:  Stephanie, please tell me you have good news for me.  I've had a tough day dealing with my grandma's prognosis, I'm tired, and I'm stressed.   I haven't tested at home at all, and I am just waiting for news from you.Steph:  You haven't tested at home at all?!?  Wow, I pegged you for a home tester for sure.  If you haven't tested at home, then you have no idea you are pregnant right now then do you...  and your HCG is at 647, so you may have two babies!Me:  WHAT?  OMG!  Really?  OMG!  I am so happy!  I am so excited!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  (Jumping up and down)  I can't believe it!  Now what!  (Mom:  STOP JUMPING!)  OMG, OMG!  What do I do next??I will definitely never forget that moment.  DH was happy but very guarded when I told him.  Mainly because he was at work where they have an open office environment, and secondly, he is very worried something might happen and we might lose one or both.  After talking about it over the weekend I got to see that excitement I was expecting, which was awesome.
Finally, I too am very aware something could happen, but for now I want to be happy and celebrate that we have achieved our goal for now.  It's been a very tough almost six weeks now and I want to feel joy and happiness, even when I'm still in pain with those damn PIO shots that I don't get to quit yet.  I will remain optimistic that we will continue on with a healthy pregnancy with #6 and/or #11.  Today I am five weeks exactly, and between being exhausted ALL the time, getting hungry a lot more often, and going to the bathroom with an annoying frequency, I am going to enjoy that 6 and 11 are sesame seed-sized, and growing strong, as evident by my HCG number.