Blesings for the new year

Dear DS friends, I just wanted to wish all of you a very Happy New Year.  2009 was a very difficult year for me, with a lot of various challenges on all fronts and I know many of you shared similar hardships in 2009.  I pray that 2010 is a year of new beginnings for you...that you are blessed with optimism towards the continuing challenges you may face, that you are granted the strength to endure from your challenges, the wisdom to make the best of decisions you may need to make for yourself, and the peace of mind that you know that no matter how hard things may get that the good Lord is with you the entire way. May you also be blessed with good friends that provide you with unconditional love and are there for you to share in your triumphs and troubles...and may new opportunies be offered to you in various aspects of your life during the new year. Although my challenges in 2009 lead me to become more withdraw and not participate as make as I would have liked within the DS community, you all still provide me with teh comfort in knowing that you are "still there" 24 hours a day.  I still find comfort when things are on my mind and I can't sleep (like this morning) to get on-line and share with how others are doing. Take care and God bless!