bizarre-feeling barb 2day

hi everybody, this is my VERY FIRST journal entry on here, so it's not really an "update".  I'm brand-new on here and don't know how to use the site correctly, so I'm just going to ask my main question i have right now, this way.  it's about munchausen by proxy.
My mother didn't really get me sick so she could get attention from medical professionals, but i do suspect she did intentionally get me sick, or not prevent me from getting sick in some ways that she easily could have, in order to gain attention from just her peers, including strangers on the street!
She did this not so much w/my illnesses, even, maybe, but rather my "eating problem" was something SHE tried to get attention 4 from everyone, including strangers on the street.  i was a picky eater, and she semi-starved me because of this, day in and day out, until i got a job at age 16 and discovered the joys of eating out.  so, she would BEG total strangers, as well as people she knew, to tell her how to "get me to eat", and say she was about to have a nervous breakdown over it, literally - she was a drama queen - and serious heart and stomach problems, any minute, cuz of me.  All this was mistaken 4 CONCERN 4 me, by other adults - "she cares SO MUCH, look at her "eating her heart out" over Barbara's eating!"  So, she did seek attention 4 my "health issue" of being underweight and a picky eater.  And, she CAUSED my underweightness, as well as my frequent colds and flu's, by refusing to give me foods i did like.  I was really grossed out by many of the foods she offered me - i can't tolerate mayonnaise, e.g., and many of the things she tried to get me to "learn to like"(!) contained mayo.  I still to this day am repulsed by mayo.  i think i inherited this from my father, who I'm pretty sure didn't like it either, but didn't realize he didn't. (he was very out of touch w/his own feelings, but that's a whole other post). 
So, my mother refused to feed me foods i did like - i did eat well at dinner, but only on weekdays, cuz she refused to cook on weekends, and it was back to the mayo stuff then.  i was thin, hungry, felt cold very easily, etc., but she wouldn't give in and give me foods i liked.  instead, she complained to everyone she could get her hands on, about my eating "driving her into an early grave."  i also was clothed with very cheap winter coats and other clothes that were supposed to be "warm".
I'd like to know if this would be considered Munchausen by Proxy.  she also i think made me drink mineral oil concoctions to make me defecate, which caused terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea.  she also put raw egg in my milk, which i know can cause salmonella and that doctors say not to eat raw eggs, esp. CHILDREN.  So the eggs could have caused me low-level food poisoning like every day.  also she served me milk that tasted like what i would pour down the drain nowadays.  not REAL bad, but definitely going in that direction.  she would then nurse me thru my terrible stomach bouts, and also my very frequent flu's and colds, with lots of TLC!   so does this sound like Munchausen to anybody?  if not, I'm wondering what it WOULD be classified as.
my heading up top, bizarre-feeling barb, refers to my very deep places I've been in therapy lately, which the last week or so have been centering on bizarre type feelings as a child, from lots of other abuse which i haven't mentioned above, and which culminated in a 3-month-long total dissociative episode at age 11, and now I'm revisiting that period, just like I've been revisiting many many things in my childhood in therapy.
thanks, everybody, 4 reading.