It's over!  There is no job.  It was pitiful,,,only 3 people on the phones at closing.  The rest took their pto(paid time off) and either left early or didn't show up at all.  There were no good-byes.  Just a wave maybe.They even took my badge.  My friends weren't there except one,,,David.  He had kept me posted on the goings-on while I was off.  We will keep in touch.  One person out of 400!  Not very good.  But, many of my friends left for other jobs or were fired.  Some went to home agent jobs  I am bitter!!!  Sometimes I wish I'd never taken the job.  Yes, I loved the job.  I had fun.  But, the pressures of the job were strong.  The company I worked for lied to me many times.  First, about the pay.  I was told I would get extra pay for the late shift, then was told the extra was for the last 3 hours of the shift.  Second, I was told that after 6 months I'd be eligible for the good insurance.  Then told I'd have to wait until the end of the year.  I had to pay almost full price for drugs which took a lot of my money.  I wasn't given the chance for the partial disability feature that would have paid 80% of my salary while I was off.  When people saw the center downsizing, they were told the center wasn't closing.  While we were downsizing, they were opening up a call center overseas.  When you have to call your cell phone company or Microsoft for help and get a foreign sounding voice, think of me.  My job went overseas because they will work cheaper.  Understand them of you can, then think of talking to a person that English is not a second language.  Think of me.  I may be a Texan, but I speak purdy good English.