Bit more about X

X is really coming out of himself and getting good indight.make that insight cos i dont know what "indight" means.lolhe's pondering victim vs assailant has he clicked how often he assails by playing the victim and transferring fears ontoanother.blaming them for his shit? provoking them into doing stuff they'd not do if he just played with a straight bat. i am not shit. I am not a stalker.he wanted me to be, afraid of that need he transferred his feelings of positive affection intocasting me as a n evil villain.crazy and understandable given how few friends he really has.not sure if he has any outside DS. I have 100 good friends who know me well and that's not counting in here.why have I always been so popular?If you want to have a friend you gotta be one.I love others and they love meSynchronicity.and the beauty of outside at night has come back to him. Im so glad. Im so glad, Im glad Im glad Im glad. Ray and the World Domination Tour (madonna grabbed this one-bitch!) looks like it'll be less of a Dragon reunion theyre all dead from the head down anyway-esp Todd the prick-but Marcs dead for  real and Kerry and Neil as I recall. So im thinking more like a Supergroove/group band....Travellin wilberriessee if I can find Billy Williams for starters.bassex Ticket and Monsoon or Atla with Ray?LEAD SINGER omigod that'll be fun and a drummerIm thinking Div Vercoe from OK Dinghy days. oh fuck----good idea GODwhat about simon morris on bass?and Nick Morris drums? or me ????yes lead singer is the key to the hiway.let me work on this