big changes!

ok, so things have been better for me in many many ways lately. just in the past week, i took care of many legal matters, i went back to work at my job at jamba juice and i even found a second job!! which is way exciting!! also, i decided to register for fall semester after all!! im feeling quite proud of myself right now!!!
but the anxiety and even depression still gets me hard!!! now im having anxiety about my two jobs, im wondering how im gonna be able to pay for school. and im hoping i can still move out this next is a HUGE problem right now.
the good thing is that i did get two jobs! and i am realizing who my real friends are and who i can truly count on. its hard seeing who is a true friend and who isnt. but im eternally grateful for those few who are still here beside me and proud of me and making me smile. :)
things are about to change big time. two jobs, moving, school, new people in my life. its just crazy. just thinkin about it gives me TERRIBLE anxiety!!! im sooooo fearful!!!!
oh, and ok, im seeing this amazing new guy who is great so far. and he says he wants to take things slow and get to know me better. but even that scares me too!!! cuz im crazy and impulsive and im not used to taking things slow. i feel like i gotta do things noooowwwww!! or else he will slip away or forget about me or decide he doesnt like me anymore. alskdfjksdjflkjsdlfj i really really really like this guy. i dont wanna screw up again!!
soooo, here i am, trying to remain calm, and positive and hope for the best. while my mind goes crazy with too many thoughts. ahhh!!!! i gotta scream and laugh!!!



Ahhh - so you met a guy ! Good for you ! I am so happy for you. Just take it slow - the anxiety will not be so high then. Try to stay positive and it sounds like you are doing a great job ( 2 ).