Better today

 I'm feeling better today.  About myself.  I looked pretty cute yesterday.  Lost some poundage!  Hurray!  As far as my other situations.  Not so great.  Shane had a show at school yesterday and I watched him not sit in his seat, be spoken to several times by his teacher, chew on his shirt sleeve, and whack out during the show.  Not a proud moment.  However, I was proud of him in general ya know?  I'm weird right now, reaching out.  I feel like i'm having trouble controlling the things around me.  The necessary stuff i'm supposed to control.  I'm annoyed and aggravated with my children right now.  Yet, I want to hug and kiss them.  I'm weird.  My husband is being very attentive when he can be.  He's really busy with work.  I need energy...and I have none.  I want it back.  I have to drag myself to the gym because I know that  I will get the energy that I need.  Yet I have no energy to go there.  oh well.  The weather is getting more warm.  Not thrilled about that.  As I've gotten older I crave the cold.  I don't know why.  I really don't like to be warm.  I was in 17 below 0 weather in Vermont and I was the happiest I have every been.  I'm really worried about the up coming spring.  My birthday is on April 16 and I will be 42 years old and my husband is going bald.  I feel like a little kid that is watching the world get old.  It's going so fast.  Yet my kids are taking forever to grow up.  This is not an inspirational journal entry it's just me.