better days

Since last writing have already settled into times when I can once again ignore the T. When not able to, at least its at a more bearable pitch.Unfortunately was in the city today & came home to the quiet which of course can make it sound louder. On with the Neuromonics(TRT) & a few days of readjusting ahead. 
Had a reality check the other day. As a Naturopath I get to see people with a variety of conditions. A lady I saw has Trigeminal Neuralgia, she has constant 24/7 excrutiating pain, unable to speak(because of pain) had to write down what she needed to say. It made me realise as much as T  impacts on my life I certainly wouldn't want to be in her position.
I have noticed that in other countries a variety of drugs are used to try & help with T. They don't seem to prescribe them much here in Australia or New Zealand. Relying more on TRT & councilling