better but confused

Today was a better day, i think. My mom and i have been getting along better than the past few days. My mom is going to help me get back on track with things but she needs to understand she cant control , i have to do it my self. As much as i love my mom, a part of me still feels confused on what happened the past couple days. My mom still invaded my privacy, she didnt tell me about it. I know she was trying to spare my feelings but i think lying is a lot worst. There is still a little trust issue there, i have to be cautious. I still feel hurt and betrayed. I shouldnt have to feel this way. The one person you can at least count on is your parents/parent. Thats how i felt about my mom, for girls your moms are suppose to be your best friends. I dont want to feel this confusion. I wish my mom didnt have to make me becareful when it comes to her. I dont think talking to my mom would help, because she just doesnt understand, i rather talk to my counselor. My nana has stressed my mom out so many times and now i feel like i'm my mom and shes my nana. i just have to see how each day goes.