Best Stem Cell Therapy in East Brunswick, NJ

Stem cell treatment has often been mistaken as a process that requires a lot of money and an unborn fetus to harvest stem cells for the treatment. Due to modern advances in medicine, we have minimized the cost of this sort of procedure and found ways to harvest stem cells from your own body. 

Why Choose PSSM for Stem Cell Therapy? 

If you come and get stem cell therapy East Brunswick NJ, we will give you a concrete plan and timeline for rehabilitation. We also have found ways to make this treatment much more cost-effective than you might imagine. Below, we will break down some of the most popular reasons people choose PSSM for stem cell therapy. 

Trusted by Professional Athletes 

Imagine being a professional athlete and encountering problems with a damaged joint. In the past, this may have required lots of time in order for the athlete to recover fully back to normal without stem cell treatment. However, stem cell treatment has already had a drastic impact on the lives of many professional athletes who have been our clients at Performance Spine & Sports Medicine. 

Removes Some Excess Fat 

In addition to repairing damaged joints, receiving modern stem cell treatment will help get rid of some of the excess fat you have sitting around in your love handles. Stop searching for pain management doctors near me. We have the best solution ready for you here at PSSM. 

Completely Non-Invasive 

The idea of going in and seeing a pain management doctor east Brunswick NJ can be a little overwhelming to some. However, those who are a little concerned should know that stem cell therapy is a completely non-invasive procedure.

Grow and Repair Damaged Joints 

The main reason that people come in for stem cell therapy is so that they can grow and repair damaged joints. Using stem cells naturally produced in your body, we will be able to help you do this. 

Recovery is Often Much Quicker than Surgery 

Stem cell therapy usually takes anywhere between 6 – 8 weeks before patients start to notice results and recover. A common knee replacement surgery, on the other hand, will take at least 4 months before the patient starts to get better. This sort of timeline difference is pretty common with our stem cell therapy here at Performance Spine & Sports Medicine!

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