Best rest sucks:(

Transfer went great!  Was a little uncomfortable but I just know the outcome is going to be worth all of these injections, mood swings, hot sweats, etc!  The nurse said my endometrial lining was gorgeous (her words exactly).  My RE recommended putting one back and we agreed.  However, when we got to the clinic and were waiting to be taken back for the transfer, I asked to talk to the RE...well, we decided to transfer 2!  One was a perfect blastocyst and one was a blast in the initial stages.  The rest were morulas (ms?) and today we got the call that only one made it to blast, which they froze.  I was hoping for more to freeze but am thankful that we do have one...we could have had none, right? I am very hopeful and positive and pray I stay this way! I feel like a broken record but I want to thank everyone for all the sweet, sweet messages and hugs.  I feel so loved by you all and HOPE to share our wonderful news in a week from tomorrow!