Best at the Worst

     I've held off writing because I was waiting for this flare to ease off.  Trouble is, inspite of doing a prednisone burst, injections of depo-medral and celestone, takeing Orencia, my NSAID, and folic acid, I'm no better.  I saw my RA Dr. yesterday, before my Orencia, and she couldn't believe the shape my feet were in.  She said and I quote, "This should NOT be happening!  There is no way with all the medication you should be this bad.  You are in awful shape.  I don't know how you even walked in here.  I don't think I have even seen anything like this."  I told her I didn't even have anything fun to blame it on.  It isn't like I just came back from a fantastic vacation in Paris or even a day walking at the zoo.  I haven't done anything!      The  bottm line, while I can't be the best at getting well, I am the best at being the worst.  What a claim to fame.     I got my Ornecia and also an IV steroid burst.  Dr. hopes this will kick the flare down.  I am ready.  Of course last night I had the nightmares to prove i was on extra prednisone and clocked in at just 4 hours total for sleep.  Ugggh!     I did have one happy thought this morning.  Thank God I am no longer employed because if I was going to start school in less than a month, I would be frantic.  There is no way I can stand on my feet.  I am very glad my disability issues are behind me, over and done.     Now I concentrate on good healing thoughts, prop my feet up whenever I can, ice them down and we see what will happen.