Benefits And Importance Of Ashtanga Namaskar - Part III

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Breathe - Om Hiranayagarbhaaya Namah

Benefits: This asana is quite helpful to keep your in the fittest position. The region becomes very agile and powerful. This asana helps in developing a healthier blood circulation for your back. It tones your body in addition to the spinal...

We've known the importance and benefits of the first six Ashtanga Namaskar Poses. We shall consider the Ashtanga Namaskar Yoga Asana series with the rest of the six asanas.

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Inhale - Om Hiranayagarbhaaya Namah

Benefits: This asana is very helpful to keep your back the position. The spinal region becomes very agile and powerful. This asana helps in creating a healthier circulation on your back. It tones the body along with the spinal nerves. Your digestion is improved. I-t tones your massages the kidneys in addition to liver. The male and female reproductive system improves. Irregular period problems are rectified too. With the increasing blood circulation see your face gives a warm look.

8. Parvatasana

Exhale - Om Mareechibhyoh Namaha

Benefits: This asana could be the same asana you are doing within the No.5 place i.e Parvatasana. Just like a mountain it will help in strengthening your arms and shoulders. Your back gets toned because of the elongation of the back. It is a great asana for those who have huge bellies as well as increasing waist-line. Any problem with the abdomen can be enhanced.

9. Ashwa-sanchalan-asana

Breathe -Om Adityaaya Namaha

This asana could be the same asana you do within the No.4 place i.e Ashwa-sanchalan-asana. This offer is very helpful for massaging your internal organs for better functionality. This commanding read this site has a pile of unusual aids for how to study it. Your leg muscles are increased making a proper balance. It affects the mind also as it helps it to stay calm and stable. Throat issues can be removed by regular exercise.

1-0. Pada Hastana

Exhale - Om Savitre Namaha

Benefits: This asana may be the sam-e asana you need to do in the No.3 position i.e Pada Hastana.. Having problems with your feet or finger? This asana can help you correct it easily. Your stomach and your gastrointestinal system are free of any complication. The bending of your body helps your chest to broaden. Arms and fingers become stronger too.

11. Hasta Uttanasana

Breathe - Om Arkaaya Namaha

Benefits: This asana is the sam-e asana you do within the No.2 place i.e Hasta Uttanasana. The stretching and lifting of the arms assists the muscles in your arms. Your neck becomes flexible and strong. Your digestion increases because it tones the lungs while stretching. It's a great remedy to eliminate excess weight. This helps your perspective enormously.

12. Pranamasana

Exhale - Om Bhaaskaraaya Namah

Benefits: This asana could be the sam-e asana you are doing within the No.1 position i.e Pranamasana. This situation clams your nerves enables you to have a way of balance and because it helps the body.

Ashtanga Namaskar asana ends with exactly the same asana as we had started with i.e Pranamasana.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all safeguards while trying to perform the asanas. If you are affected by any health problems consult your yoga teacher and your medical practitioner before trying the asanas. The responsibility lies with the reader and maybe not with your website or the author..