Bell Helicopter rebrands to “Bell”

Bell Helicopter rebrands to “Bell”

Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company and an aircraft manufacturer of commercial and military helicopters has rebranded to be known as simply “Bell.” The new brand strategy and modernized logo are rooted in the company’s focus on innovation and customer experience. Bell will roll out the rebrand over the next year.


“This rebrand is not just about a new logo,” said president and CEO Mitch Snyder. “We chose to do this because we see ourselves at the forefront of technology. We believe this refresh embodies the idea that we can make the vertical dimension more accessible.”

Besides the brand name change, another noteworthy update is a new logo. “The dragonfly can take off and land wherever it wants, fly quickly and efficiently in any direction, and hover at will. It represents the mastery of flight, something Bell strives to achieve,” added Snyder.

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