Being Enough for Ourselves

katie made this fantastic post on the bp board today and it just got me to thinking. she said: I hear it over and over again . "No one cares about me so I should just end it all". I know its wonderful if you have people in your life that love you but if there is no one than you have yourself. Its amazing how many of us forget this daily !! WE ARE ENOUGH !!!! We are here living breathing and making a difference even if its just to outselves . Someone remind me of this when its my turn to forget will they please :-)  well, that's just it isn't it. we should be and are enough for ourselves. i'm so used to making an effort on behalf of someone else's expectations and it's landed me with an anxiety disorder that's rarely under control, a penchant for depressive episodes, and unrealistic goals that i chastise myself for not achieving when the chance of success was beyond minimal. what's wrong with being *enough* for myself. my therapist is big on celebrating victories and sometimes...a good many times, i find it hard to recognise and allow for victory because i'm so focussed on what i haven't done over what i have done. i've been trying to work on that, but i also think i'm going to have to re-orient and try to keep what katie's said in the forefront of my mind too. i am enough, and it's okay for me to live for me, despite my expectations, or the pressures brought to bear by others.  it's a liberating thought. and more apt is that katie mentions that we all can forget that at some point or another and the despair kicks in, so it's important to remind each other and ourselves that believing we are enough is both process and destination.  thank you katie.