After each of my children was born I would say how I wanted to lose weight. Well, 3 children later I am finally completely motivated to do it.
Today was the first day of my lose-weight program. I am 191 lbs. My goal is to reach 135 lbs by the end of August of this year.
I am working on losing at least 2 lbs every week.
My plan includes eating healthier foods, cutting out mindless snacking, portion control, and adding light exercise to my daily routine. I am keeping a food diary as well and I have two other friends who are interested in starting a diet as well, but I am going to try and be active in the DW forums just in case my friends don't follow through. I still need to feel like I am accountable to someone.
I will update this journal every Monday with my current weight.
I will also try to update with any problems I am having sticking to my plan. I am trying to focus on the end result instead of the things I can't eat.
I also like to think about that guy who lost like 30 lbs on the "twinkie diet". Hey, if that guy can lose weight eating Twinkies, I sure as hell can lose weight doing it the right way!