been struggling lately.

Been having a hard time lately with my pain.  Now I am starting to have some severe back pain which really sucks.  I have some muscle relaxers but if I take them I am out like a light and I don't want to be sleeping too much.  I am going on vacation next month to a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Tri-Cities washington.  I usually go every year with some friends last year we didn't make it but I have gone a few times.  This year will be the first year I go with my current boyfriend he is a sweet heart but he doesn't really know how bad the pain is when I first get up for the day.  He understands and is supportive of the pain but he hasn't really seen me first thing in the morning so this should be interesting.  When I first wake up it could take up to 4 hours before I can even stand on my feet because my joints are so swollen and stiff.  It still should be fun though I am usually bored but its an excuse to get out of town for a few days.  I am suppost to come home on febuary 20th but I have a doctors appointment two hours away on the 21st so we will be staying at a motel in the city of the doctors appointment so I don't have to go out of town again.  I haven't really been up to much lately I am doing VITA again this year which is volunteer income tax assistance.  Its set up at the college normally you get college credit for it but I graduate last year and I am just a volunteer its pretty fun to do.   It gets me something to do on Tuesday nights anyway.  On a happy note all of my cats finally got over their colds and Zelda's eye is no longer red and she is keeping it open so thats good.  I haven't really been up to much lately.  Just been taking it easy and relaxing. 



Sorry to hear you are struggling.

Seeing you in the morning will help him understand what you really go through, since our pain is really hard for \"normals\" to grasp.

Keep getting out and doing things. You are still a full participant in the human race, pain or no.

Take care!