Been a while.

It's been a while since I've even logged on to DS. Life has been...slow, to say the least. My friend moved out suddenly and without notice. It's put some tension on the line and I don't really know where our friendship is going anymore these days.
Been seeing the doctors down at the pain management clinic monthly. I'm on several medications now every day. They are helping the chronic pain but make it so I can't do as much before the pain becomes overwhelming. I'm not sure how I feel about that change. I felt limited before, now it's almost unbearable.
I haven't been cooking that much. I made ravioli over the weekend in preparation for Christmas. Everyone is getting pasta and ravioli from Chris and I as it will be much cheaper than getting everyone gifts.
I'm going to be signing up for online classes at the college here. I only have 8 classes (or so) until I graduate and have two degrees. One in English and another in Language Arts. I'm happy but not sure where I'll go after that. Feeling a bit swept away in the current of life without direction right now.
I'm making chicken soup today. The stock is boiling right now. I've been wanting to for a long while now but it's been too warm. I'm stoked because snow is in the forecast for this week. I hope it comes true! I'm also making baked apples for dessert.
The apples are ready at my parents place. Mom came down early before my last appointment and we made applesauce and dried apples. My eldest sister went home that following weekend and they made apple butter and juice. The apples that I'm going to be using tonight are the ones from home, the biggest that I could find.
I lost the cord for my camera so I haven't been able to upload any new pictures on to my cooking blog and now my camera is dead so I can't take any of the process of making chicken soup. Pretty pissed at myself. I tore the apartment apart (hehe) looking for it this morning with no luck. Had to take pain medicine afterwards. I'm being stubborn and not buying another one because it's twenty-five dollars and holy moley, that is a lot of money! It HAS to be in the apartment, damn it. I'll find it eventually. Just at a loss for where it could be.
Been thinking about other things I can cook lately. I took a break for a while with Chris making most dinners when that happened. I'm back at it, though, and happy to be. I'd be thrilled to get suggestions for ravioli fillings from anyone. Also for herbs to use to flavor the pasta.