Becoming a Reality!

Well it is beginning to seem like my dream of having a career will actually come true.  Not just a career but one in which I will be helping other people!  I went to Everest today and it is a long drive from my house!! Like 60 miles round trip.  But its worth it.  I went in today to take the test and I did really well on it.  KreKre told me that al I needed was a 120 to pass and Iscored a 180, also she said she had never seen anyone score so high on the language usage section.  Thats probably because every one today who is young uses text talk and so actual sentences are hard to decipher. 
I visited with Cody and had all my financial aid worked out.  I am really happy that I did not have to have my dad co-sign for a loan.  I was able toget my loan myself, along with the federal loans.  It was very festive at Everest because everyone, even the students were dressed up in costumes for Halloween and they had decorations that were excellent and they even had a haunted house. You could take pix with halloween people and they gave you the picture.  Some people were dressed really cool like KreKre was dressed like a cowgirl.  There was a KISS rocker and that was very realistic.  Also a biker guy, a crayon and several very realistic witches. 
So after financial aid I met with KreKre and I signed some more forms.  I got a catalog and she gave me a time I had to come in for orientation.  She also let me try on scrubs so I could get mine when I start school!! So basically school is only 3 weeks off and I cant wait!