Bank Garnishment

So Yesterday I went to pay for some of my meds at the pharmacy with my debit card when I left I checked my bank account it had 565 dollars in it.  When I ran my debit card to pay for my meds It got declined.  I started freaking out I couldn't figure out what was going on.  My mom is on all my accounts so I called her she checked the accounts everything had a 0.00 balance except for the savings account.  The account that my mom has that my name is not on was taken so thats how i knew it was her and not me.  Meanwhile two out of three of those accounts were mine.  My mom is on my accounts because of the RA in case something happens and I can't get out of bed or out of the house to do something.  Luckly I had 2000 dollars in a savings account that has both of our names on it that they did not touch thank goodness.  I gave my mom the 1500.  I am hoping to get 500 of that back from what they took of me.  What happen was when she was in china and I was in charge of bills I skipped one of her accounts by accident I didn't even know of this account.  They served her papers two years ago and she agreed to do 50 dollar monthly payments.  Well she received a letter from them saying the account got transferred somewhere else and they will write with info to where to send the payments to.  She never got a letter and they took the money yesterday.  I have tried to keep a level head for my mom because she is upset as it is.  So I have pretended not to let this bother me and keep postive I was even nice and gave her the savings account money that was being saved for disney land.   But I am not okay with it I am so pissed that they took my money.  I had bills pending to be paid.  She has rent that is about to clear.  The lady we talked today was a real ass and told us that it could take two weeks to find out if we get our money back or not.  Mom was asking her how I was suppost to pay for my meds and all this and she said I am ending this phone call good bye.   I really wished I was getting my disability this month because I know by law they can't take that but I don't get that until the end of next month.  I am so upset and I just need a hug :(.