i haven't posted all the pics. But everyone who emailed me had a balloon sent up for their Angel, i just don't have a pic of each one. I'm sorry! i realized after they went up that i should have finished taking pictures.
It was a beautiful day here in Portland, so the sky was clear and blue. My friend and i wrote little quotes on the balloons and names and birthdays on each one. We even sent one up just for EVERY baby who became an Angel before they got a chance to live. I cried when i let them go and we watched them for a long long time. They looked like bright stars out in the middle of a blue sky, it was beautiful. They were silver so when they got really high they caught the sunlight and reflected it back to us, like our babies were sending back a thank you. I'm sorry for forgetting the pictures, i know that you probably wanted to see your babies balloon, i was just a little "all-over-the-place" on that day.