baking friday :) St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks Sugar Cookies :)

Happy baking friday! :)

Hi angel friends :) We're with you, and here for you <3 We are keeping everyone in our thoughts, prayers, and in our hearts :) before i write about baking friday, i just wanted to mention, that today, our State, Connecticut has closed all schools, due to the coronavirus. We are keeping very closely in tune, with all of the news, updates, including following news about other states, countries, checking in on family, and friends. Today, my mom, dad, Holly, and i had 2 big shopping trips, to the dollar tree and walmart. we stocked up on lots of items, as much as we could. the stores here,are out of hand sanitizer,rubbing alcohol, and our walmart didn't have any cases of water. We got powerade, gatorade,and stocked up on lots more, vitamins (vitamin C, Vitamin D), and essentials for our home. We felt it be best,with all of the closures of many places, that it would be best to stock up on some items, just incase of quarantines. We're all in this together, and are all keeping closely in tune with family, friends, and the news, including the latest updates from our state officials, govenor, and our city. It's best to keep as calm as we can, and it's good, to be prepared, stocked up, keeping safe, and taking good care :) We want everyone to be ok, and to have everything they need. Thank you angel friends, for your updates, and for being here for us too, through all and any times ahead. We're all sticking strong together, and we appreciate you all very much. We know, with all of the news, and all that's going on, it can be very worrysome, We want you all to know, we're here for you all. So thankful, and blessed to have you all in our lives.Big group caring group friendship hug <3

"we love to bake shamrocks cookies"-my nephew Colby said that today, during baking friday! :)

baking friday! :) calling all cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookei monsters unite! :) it's baking friday!!! :) oh my! :) a super fun, and super sweet, flour flyin, 4 leaf clover, shamrocks st. patrick's day themed baking friday adventure in the kitchen!!! :) this was lots of sweet fun, enjoying our favorite tradition! :) baking friday! :)Sharing lots of smiles, and the seasonal cheer of one of our favorite holiday's, st.patrick's day : )we love to have a nice annual shamrocks themed adventure each year :) come on over, for some baking friday goodies! :)

keeping with the traditon, a wonderfully wholesome tradition :) Today, my niece Alyssa, Colby, and i baked some shamrocks sugar cookies :) we enjoyed a sweet fun time :) We love baking, and sharing in lots of seasonal joy :) The sweet spirit of St. Patrick's day and March! :) our annual St. Patrick's day themed baking friday adventure! :) Hi angel friends! :) my family, Holly, and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a nice day :) the month of March is in full swing, with lots of festivities, and traditions :) We love the special spirit of march , it's my favorite month :) Lots of birthday's, st. patrick's day, and lots more :) when i think of march, i think of glowing green shamrocks, and spring time flowers :) we've got lots of signs of spring blossoming around our yard, garden, and area, with trees getting ready to grow new leaves, and before we know it, it'll be the daffodils days of spring :) We love to see all of the spring signs around, and the special spirit of the season, that makes march very special to our hearts :)

This morning, we had a sweet new day, rising and shining :) a very special friday tradition i love very much, is wishing my family, Holly, and friends, a happy baking friday, and i share with them, your sweet happy baking friday wishes :) awww! :)You all are very nice, and sweet :) Thank you angel friends, so very much :) We've been looking forward to baking some nice shamrocks treats, to celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick's day, one of our favorite holiday's of the year :) Holly and i have been enjoying decorating our table, and i decorated my writing area, with a st. patrick's day theme :) it looks very nice, and festive :) Green is the color of march, with shamrocks, and the spring flower sprouts in the garden :)

As the new day was blossoming, we had some rain in our area. i think of all of the spring sprouts, getting nourished by the rain, it's so nice :) nature is amazing :) even with rain in our area, i still love to go outside, rain or shine, and making sure our nature friends have lots of goodies :) i went outside briefly, for my early morning nature walk :) i put lots of goodies in our backyard, bird sanctuary area :) our nature friends love their baking friday breakfast feasts :) awww! :) we've had extra pizza to put outside, along with lots of breads, peanuts, and sunflower seeds :) our nature friends love gathering the goodies :) they bring our hearts, lots of special joy throughout the seasons, during the year :) it's so nice, and a very special joy, the spirit of nature :) We're so happy, and excited that some of our spring nature friends have began to arrive, including the robin birds :)

It was a sweet spirited morning :) We enjoyed a nice breakfast, and having some iced coffees, and hot teas :) we've been having some nice healthy teas, which are so nice :) we love our teas, and coffees :) i began to gather our St. Patrick's day themed decorations, and went out into our kitchen, to begin to set up and decorate our kitchen, for our super fun adventure :) i turned our kitchen into a 4 leaf clover, shamrocks patch! :) glowing green with the spirit of the month of March, and st. patrick's day :) our kitchen looks awesome, all decorated :) i love including our very special cards, gifts, and treasures, as a wonderful part of our kitchen decorations :) Decorating our kitchen is a very special part of baking friday each week :) During the late morning, my mom, dad, Holly, and i went shopping at the dollar tree, and walmart. We were determined to stock up on some items. We feel very well about the items we were able to get. it was a different atmosphere out there, while shopping. we could sense some urgency. while shopping, my mom got a text, that schools have closed here in our state. The news, is very fluid right now ,with so much going on. We're definitely going about our days, as normal and routine as we can.

Around 3pm, Alyssa and the kids came over :) Jenn and family were busy this afternoon, Mikey was under the weather, but thankfully is feeling better. :) we're so glad, thankful, and relieved :) Jenn's been keeping us updated, and Jenn also went out to pick up some supplies, for her and her family's home :) it's so nice, getting to keep in touch with eachother, and keeping in tune with eachother :) Each week, we love to use our nice baking friday supplies, that we've recieved from family and friends over the years :) i wear my apron, and we use our oven mits, kitchen towels, and all of our supplies, are a big part of our baking ,and cooking each week :) our kitchen was all set, and ready, and we were ready to bake some awesome goodies :) we've been making sure, to wash our hands very good, it's a good thing to do :)

We began our super fun adventure! :) Colby wanted to help Alyssa and i bake goodies today :) Brayden and Jacob was playing their video games in living room, and hanging out with Taylynn :) We began to prepare the sugar cookies :) baking friday teamwork! :) we got the egg, and began to add the ingredients : )The kids love to help, they're great helpers :) Colby was so proud, adding the ingredients into the big bowl, and we were super stirring :) sugar cookies are one of our favorite treats to bake :) We love getting the chance to use our nice cookie cutters :) We were super stirring the cookie dough, sharing smiles, we love baking friday, and are so happy, and blessed to have this very special tradition in our lives :)

We used our shamrock cookie cutter, to make some nice shaped cookies, and also made some round shaped cookies :) i used butter to grease the baking pan, and we put the cookies onto the pan, and i put the cookies into the oven to bake :) the cookies were baking nicely :) We did some cleaning up in the kitchen :) We were all hanging out :) my mom came into the kitchen, and little Brodie was playing with his toy cars :) Colby helped make green colored frosting :) he's so proud :)
The cookies finished baking, i brought them out of the oven to cool down :) Once the cookies were finished cooling, we decorated the cookies with green frosting :) The cookies came out great :) We love decorating :) we're enjoying the cookies :) We had a really sweet fun time baking, and are looking forward to lots more baking as the month and season goes on :) i thanked Alyssa and Colby for helping bake :) We have many more super fun baking friday adventures planned :) a very special shoutout, for family and friends :) lots of great baking, and cooking this week :) We love hearing about the nice goodies, and foods you all bake and cook :) We're with eachother in spirit, in our kitchens :)This is so much fun, and very special :) i wish we all could have a big baking friday picnic :) it's always a wonderful dream in my heart and spirit :) St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks Sugar Cookies, dedicated to our wonderful family, friends, to St. Patrick's day, and to the wonderful spirit of the season :) We love you all, so very very much! :) many great memories made, to always cherish and treasure :) baking friday! :) we love it!!! :) March 13th, 2020 :) Happy baking friday everyone :)

We're enjoying a great day! :) baking friday! :) we love it!!! :) my family, Holly, and i are in great spirits :) We're taking good care, and keeping focused on positives :) We're so happy, enjoying a great baking friday adventure today :) it's very special, and comforting, having traditions like this, to share in :) Lots of very special memories being made :) we're ready to blossom into the weekend :) Tomorrow, we're gonna go shopping at the dollar tree :) We're going to buy some gifts, treasures, and stocking up on some supplies/essentials, as it's good to stock up :) Holly and i are going to watfch a movie on saturday night :) we love our popcorn movie party's :) on sunday, we're gonna go to my brother Bobby's house, to celebrate my niece Bristol's 1st birthday :) you all will be with us in spirit :) i look forward to sharing our weekend adventures, and pictures with everyone, in my weekend journals :) There's many more great things to look forward too :) Tonight, Holly and i are going to watch 2 episodes of most haunted show :) We love our fun, friday night paranormal party night's :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us, and for the very special joy, you all bring to our days, and our lives :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) big group warm caring happy sunny sunflower friendship hug :) We hope everyone enjoys a nice weekend :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a great day! :) Today, Alyssa, the kids, and i baked some shamrocks St. Patrick's day themed cookies, for baking friday :) We're going shopping tomorrow, and going to do some yard, and garden work soon :) Enjoying simple joys each day :) thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a really good baking friday" :)awww! :) She says, "enjoy a nice weekend everyone" :) We love you all very much, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great day :) we wish everyone a wonderfully safe, fun, and happy weekend :) We look forward to many more joys to share, all throughout March, and into the spring season :)

Happy baking friday! :) calling all cookie monters! :) we're ready for some shamrock-ing and rollin fun, in the kitchen with some sweet St. patrick's day spirit! :) my family, Holly ,and i are so happy, and excited to share in, and celebrate very special times, with you and your family's :) We love march, and all of the seasonal festivities, and traditions :) March is my favorite month, with lots of birthday's, st. patrick's day, and spring season arriving soon :) the nature has began to sprout and grow, flowers will be greeting us with sunshine smiles soon :) we sure do love our post office adventures, and sharing our adventures with everyone :) This is a picture of our kitchen all set up, and glowing green, with shamrocks for our annual St. Patrick's day themed baking friday adventure :) i turned our kitchen into a green shamrocks 4 leaf clover patch :) we love displaying our wonderful cards, gifts, and treasures :) We're baking Green Shamrocks Sugar Cookies :) Thank you everyone, so very much, for joining us in our kitchen each week, and for welcoming us into your kitchens :) This is so much fun, and very special :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite! :) it's time to bake! bake! bake! :)

baking friday supplies! :) We have a very special shoutout, and thank you, for my dear, and lovely mom, dad, and niece Alyssa :) they went shopping this week, and picked up baking friday supplies :) it's very nice, and sweet of them :) Thank you mom, dad, and Alyssa, so very much! :) We all love to chip in each week, to get baking friday supplies :) We're very happy, thankful, and blessed, to have this very special tradition in our lives :)
Greetings, from our kitchen to yours! :) The kids and i got our picture taken in the kitchen today :) it's a very special baking friday tradition :) You all are always right there with us in spirit, during these very special times :) sharing lots of smiles, and happy baking friday spirit, as we celebrate traditions of March :)
Baking friday teamwork! :) Preparing the goodies! :) The kids love to help :) They're great helpers :) they love adding the ingredients, super stirring, and of course, enjoying the goodies we bake :) We're loving our baking friday adventures :) We look forward to blossoming into a whole new season of spring time baking :)


St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Sugar Cookies! :) Alyssa, Colby, and i had lots of fun baking cookies today :) We love sharing in these special times, and looking forward to many more super fun adventures, enjoying our favorite tradition :) baking friday : )



Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and enjoyed baking. Your kitchen decorations are awesome and very festive for St Pat's. The coolies came out great and you got some nice photos of Colby Kayla and Brodie, The schools in my town are closed as well. Neighbors who went out to shop today say the lines are long No hand soap hand sanitizer bottled water and toilet tissue is hard to find. Some grocery store shelves are empty also.. Hope things calm down soon and return to normal. Thanks for all my nice hugs today Have a good evening Hugs to all-Stephanie

oh boy Shamrock cookies. mmmm Happy St. Patrick's Day! yummy how wonderful :D

Short a few bakers, but still a great job! Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your day. Trying to stay positive & praying that we take care good care of ourselves during this difficult time. Hugs! Brooke

Happy baking day and happy St. Patrick’s Day coming up with a beautiful display and the cookies look delicious glad you had some help and that the day went well with sending you lots of love and hugs and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers may we be able to celebrate all the upcoming occasions and traditions together our birthdays and hopefully this virus goes away soon. Sending you very special blessings keep in touch love you all bunches!

Hi Chris and Holly The cookies look really good. I am so hungry for sugar cookies and have just been to lazy to make them. One of these days I will get to it. I made apple crisp yesterday. It is so good. It was a new recipe and really good. You add walnuts to the crunchy top and it really made it taste so much better. Had to have Mya put to sleep this morning. Really sad and it is so hard to have to say good bye to such a special pet. But she was suffering and the vet said it was time. She got sick really fast. She was fine Wednesday and started getting sick Thursday and by this morning, she was really sick. We took her to the vet and she was in kidney failure and suffering so we made the decision to have her put to sleep. I am shedding tears as I write this. I will miss her terribly. She was so special to John and I. We only have Allie left now and I hope she stays with us for a while yet. Have a great weekend. Hugs--Debbie John and Allie