baking friday :) Pretzels, and Brownies :) Spring time Spirit! :)

"lets make something with flour!"- my nephew Hunter said that today, during baking friday! :)

baking friday! :) calling all cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters unite!!! :) it's baking friday!!! :) oh my! :) a super fun, spring spirit soaring, flour flying, cool fun times, themed baking friday adventure in the kitchen!!! :) this was so much fun! :) we had the flour flying, and sharing lots of smiles, as we baked some great treats today! :) it's a warm day, and feels like classic spring! :) The spirit of the season is blossoming all around :) there's lots of great things going on :) Thank you angel friends, for celebrating the season with us :) come on over, for some baking friday goodies! :)

We sure do love our baking friday adventures, and sharing our adventures with everyone :) keeping with the tradition, a wonderfully wholesome tradition :) Today, Kayla, the kids, and i baked some awesome pretzels, and brownies :) We love this time of the year :) we had a big baking friday crew today :)the kids were joining in on the fun :) Lots of smiles being shared :) You all are always right there with us in spirit :) We're enjoying the blossoming of spring season :) the spirit, energy, and excitement :) it's awesome!!! :) iced coffee cheers!!! :)

The joys of spring time!!! :) my family, Holly, and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great day! :) This morning, we had a sweet new spring day rising and shining, with some warm spring air, birds singing, and the spirit of the season all around :) i wished my family and friends a happy baking friday, and shared with them, your lovely happy baking friday wishes :) awww! :)You all are so nice, and sweet :) Thank you angel friends, so very much! :) We've been looking forward to baking goodies :) i gathered a nice bowl of goodies this morning, and went outside for my early morning nature walk :) our nature friends, love their baking friday breakfast feasts :) awww! :) i felt the much warmer air, and felt like it was gonna get warmer and warmer, as the day went on :)

It was a spirited morning, blossoming into the day :) i began to gather our baking friday supplies, decorations, and went out into our kitchen to begin setting up and decorating our ktichen, for our super fun adventure :) i decorated with a sunflowers, spring time theme today :) our kitchen looked great! :) i brewed a vanilla iced coffee, and prepared a nice lunch :) i had a sweet potato baking in the oven,and cooked some broccoli too :) i went outside for a 2nd nature walk of the day :) Holly and i were on the phone, and she walked around outside where she lives too :) it was so nice, sharing about the nature we were seeing :) i came indoors, enjoyed my lunch, and during the early afternoon, enjoyed some nice time here on ds, writing to friends :) my mom and dad went to the bank, and went out to shop at some of the stores :)

Around 3pm, everyone was beginning to arrive :) Alyssa and the triplets, Jenn, Mikey, and Hunter :) We were all gathering around :) lots of great excitement :) Hunter and Mikey mentioned they were ready to help bake :) Kayla had a half day of school, and she fell asleep earlier, but did wake up and joined in later on in the baking friday adventure today :) Hunter, Mikey, and i got our picture taken in the kitchen :) we were getting ready to prepare the goodies :) Each week, we love to use our nice baking friday supplies we've recieved from family and friends over the years :) We love our nice aprons, oven mits, kitchen towels, and all of our baking and cooking supplies :) These awesome supplies are always a big part of our baking and cooking each week :) our kitchen was all set, and ready, and we were ready to get the flour flying in the air in the kitchen :) calling all cookie monsters! :) it's time to bake! bake! bake! :)

We began our super fun adventure! :) we first began to prepare the brownies :) Hunter, Mikey, and i picked out the best egg! :) Mikey cracked open the egg, we got some spoons, and were adding the ingredients into the bowl :) The kids love to help ,they get so proud, when they help add the ingredients into the bowl :) my mom and Jenn were coming out into the kitchen too :) we were all hanging out, having fun baking, and sharing smiles :) the brownies were all set, i used vegetable oil to grease the baking pan :) we poured the brownies into the pan, and i put the brownies into the oven to bake! bake! bake! :) We love the scent of fudge brownies baking :) As the brownies were baking, Kayla woke up, and joined in on the baking friday fun :)

We began to prepare the pretzels :) Earlier, i made some pretzels dough, and had the dough in the oven, so that the dough could rise, and we could make some big pretzels :) We got some flour flying in the air in the kitchen, as we got the pretzel dough ready to make into pretzels shapes :) i got some water boiling on the stove, for the pretzels :) We had lots of fun, making the pretzels, and i boiled the pretzels in the water :) the pretzels recipe is great, it's one of our favorite, and is easy to make :) for the pretzels today, i used 1 cup of water, 1 packet of yeast, some salt, sugar,garlic powder, and pepper :) i used vegetable oil to grease the baking pan, and we got the pretzels set on the pan :) we melted some butter, and added garlic powder into the melted butter and drizzled the butter on the pretzels, and i then put the pretzels into the oven to bake :)

The pretzels and brownies were baking together :) we did some cleaning up in the kitchen :) the kids were playing video games in the living room, and watching videos :) we were all hanging out :) The pretzels finished baking first, and then the brownies finished baking :) The treats came out great! :) i had a pretzel, delicious! :) we'll definitely bake some more soon :) We had so much fun, baking pretzels and brownies today :) i thanked Kayla and the kids for helping :) once the brownies cooled down, i cut the brownies, so that everyone could have some :) we have many more super fun baking friday adventures to look forward too, as we continue to blossom into spring season :) a very special shoutout for family and friends :) Lots of great baking, and cooking this week :) We love hearing about the nice goodies you all bake and cook :) We're with eachother in spirit, in our kitchens :) This is so much fun, and very special :) i wish we all could gather, and have a big baking friday picnic :) Pretzels, and Brownies, dedicated to our wonderful family, friends, and to the awesome spirit of the season :) We love you all so very very much! :) many great memories made, to always cherish and treasure :) baking friday! :) we love it!!! :) April 13th, 2018 :) Happy baking friday everyone! :)

We're enjoying a great and fun day! :) baking friday! :) we love it!!! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) there's lots of great things going on, and many special memories being made as spring continues to blossom :) We're so blessed, and thankful to have the awesome opportunity to experience sharing in, and celebrating these very special times, with you and your family's :) The weekend is arriving with lots of spirit and excitement :) We love this time of the year, and spring time weekend's :) my mom, dad, and i are gonna go shopping tomorrow, at the dollar tree :) i'm going to buy some cards, gifts, and treasures :) i want to look at the garden supplies, and also gonna buy some snacks :) i'm going to buy a green 3 ring binder, for my TWD, season 1 trading cards i ordered on ebay :) it's gonna be fun browsing around the store :) Holly and i are going to watch a movie on saturday night :) We love picking out a movie to watch :)

Sweet Writing Time :) i'm going to do some writing this weekend and enjoying some nature walks :) i look forward to sharing our weekend adventures, and pictures with everyone, in my weekend journals :) There's many more awesome times to look forward too :) Tonight, Holly and i are going to watch 2 episodes of most haunted :) We love our fun, friday night paranormal party night's :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, very caring and generous :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP WARM HAPPY WARM SUNFLOWER FRIENDSHIP HUG :) We hope everyone enjoys a great weekend :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a nice day, today, Kayla, the kids, and i baked pretzels, and brownies, for baking friday :) Going shopping on saturday :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone had a really good baking friday" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a wonderful day :) we hope everyone enjoys a wonderfully safe, fun, and happy weekend :) We love this time of the year, and the special festivities, and traditions of the season :) Spring season is blossoming :)

Happy baking friday! :) Calling all cookie monsters! :) We're blossoming into spring, with some spirited excitement, traditions, and so much more, to look forward too :) we're so happy and excited, to celebrate the season with you and your family's :) there's lots of great things going on,as the spring season begins to blossom :) spring flowers, and lots of festivities :) soon it'll be BBQ Grilling season :) We're thinking spring, and all of the great traditions, and celebrations :) it's a wonderful time of the year :) Thank you angel friends and your family's for sharing your days with us :) This is a picture of our kitchen all set up and decorated for our super fun adventure :) We're baking some pretzels and brownies :) We love getting the flour flying in the air in the kitchen :) Thank you everyone so very much, for joining us in our kitchen each week, and for welcoming us into your kitchens :) This is so much fun, and very special :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite! :) it's time to bake! bake! bake! :)

baking friday supplies :) We have a very special shoutout, and thank you, for my dear, and lovely mom and dad :) they went shopping this week, and picked up baking friday supplies :) it's so nice, and sweet of them :) Thank you mom and dad, so very much! :) We all love to chip in each week, to get baking friday supplies :) We love this very special tradition in our lives :)

Greetings, from our kitchen to yours! :) the kids, and i got our picture taken in the kitchen today :) We love this cool baking friday tradition :) Lots of great spirit and excitement in the air :) Spring season is here, and we're so excited to celebrate with everyone :) Happy baking friday smiles :)

Baking friday teamwork! :) preparing the goodies :) the kids love to help :) they get so proud, when they get to add the ingredients, super stirring, getting the flour flying in the air in the kitchen and of course, enjoying the goodies we bake :) sharing lots of happy baking friday smiles :)




Super hero Hunter! :)



Brownies and Pretzels! :) come on over, for some baking friday goodies :) Kayla, the kids, and i had lots of fun today, baking goodies :) we love these awesome times, and the great memories being made :) the spirit of spring season is blossoming all around :) Sharing awesome times, and lots of smiles :) baking friday :)





Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and enjoyed baking. The pretzels and brownies came out great and the kids look like they had lots of fun too. Your kitchen decorations looked wonderful love the sunflowers.Happy to hear you have a nice weekend planned with shopping writing and nature, It was a sunny/cloudy day here.Hope it's not a rainy cold weekend. Thanks for all my nice hugs today Have a good evening. hugs to all there-Stephanie

oh boy Brownies and pretzels! mmmm I want some :D I haven't had any brownies in a long time. It looks like you all had fun. have a great weekend. I am going to be gardening tomorrow.

Chris you are such a good Uncle.Your making such nice fond memories with your nieces and nephews. The goodies that you all made look so yummy. Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend.

Great job Team Bakers! Everything looks scrumptious & smiles everywhere! Hoping for sunshine, Grr! Hugs! Brooke

Hi Chris wonderful pictures and thanks for your great mom and dad for going out and doing the shopping . Looks like you got everything ready and the brownies and pretzels turned out delicious ,kids were having fun everybody looked really nice. Congratulations to another great baking day, today and making my Saturday morning special love seeing your pictures and reading your journal. Have a wonderful Saturday waiting to have our talk on Thursday and catch up lots to talk about , love you bunches from your friends from Kentucky Shirley, Bruce and Yoki.