baking friday :) football playoffs theme! :) Pizza's, Fried, Chips :) We ready for football! :)

"we baking pizza and chips!"- my little nephew's Mikey, Colby, Jacob, and Brayden said that today, during baking friday! :)
baking friday! :) calling all cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters unite!!! :) it's baking friday! :) oh my! :) a super fun, super sweet, FOOTBALL TIME themed baking friday adventure in the kitchen!!! :) we put a great kitchen gameplan together today, as we baked up some yummy treats! :) We scored a TOUCHDOWN! as everyone loves the goodies we made! :) awww! :) We're all set, and ready for wildcard weekend! :) It's the football playoffs, and to celebrate, the big arrival of the playoffs season, we had a football theme today! :) baking up some awesome gametime goodies! :) woot!!! :) are you ready for some football! :) We wish you all could come over, and enjoy some yummy goodies, and watching football with us! :)
We sure do love our baking friday adventures, and sharing our adventures with everyone :) keeping with the tradition, a wonderfully wholesome tradition, today Kayla, Mikey, Colby, Brayden, Jacob, and i baked some nice cheese pizza's, and made some nice french fries, and potato chips :) We used my new deep fryer i recieved for christmas :) We're so happy and excited, blossoming into a great new year of baking friday fun, and the wildcard football playoffs are this weekend :) Good luck to all teams in the playoffs :) 8 teams will be playing this weekend, 4 advance to the next round :) it's gonna be classic, and awesome games! :) i'm so pumped up and excited! :) we have lots of friends who are big football fans! :) This is awesome! :) everyone who is watching the games this weekend, enjoy the games :) i'm so excited to cheer for my favorite team, the Washington Redskins :) woot!!! :)
my family and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a beautiful day :) Thank you angel friends, for your lovely happy baking friday wishes. :) You all are so nice, and sweet :) this morning, i wished my family a happy baking friday, and shared with them, your lovely wishes :) We've been looking forward to our adventure all week, and i thought it would be awesome ,to have a football theme :) we love football, and are very thrilled about the playoffs season, that will lead us to superbowl 50, for a big superbowl sunday party we love to have each year :) It's a very exciting time, and lots of great foods, snacks, drinks, to enjoy :) we love having some football baking friday adventures :) We'll be baking a superbowl themed cake in a few weeks :)
i began my day, with a sweet sunrise nature walk, putting lots of goodies, all around our yard, for our nature animal friends :) they're big fans of all of the goodies, and they love to gather lots of goodies on baking friday :) i began to gather our baking friday supplies, and decorations, and went out into our kitchen to begin setting up, and decorating our kitchen for our super fun adventure :) i brought my Redskins decorations, collectibles into our kitchen today :) i'm so thrilled, they're in the playoffs this season, and i wanted to make our kitchen glow, with the colors of burgundy and gold, the Redskins official team colors :) i had lots of fun, decorating our kitchen :) it looked awesome!!! :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) i'm wearing my Redskins shirt, hat, and i wore my Redskins apron today :)
my family and i love our nice baking friday supplies, we have recieved over the years :) these nice supplies, aprons, oven mits, hot mats, kitchen towels, and lots more, are a very special part of our cooking, and baking, from day to day, and each week :) i cooked a nice lunch, and enjoyed a mid-day nature walk :) i love the nice sunny winter days, and walking around our yard. :) i've been getting some great exercise with my nature walks :) early afternoon, my mom, dad, and i went over to the bank, i did a withdraw of my recent earnings, and i also cashed a check :) when we arrived home ,i enjoyed some nice time here on ds, writing to friends :) around 3pm, i went out into our kitchen to set up my new deep fryer i recieved for Christmas :) i was very excited to use it :)
Alyssa, Brayden, Colby, and Jacob came over, and Kayla and Taylynn arrived home from school. :) Jenn, Mikey, and baby Hunter came over too :) this is awesome! :) the baking friday crew all set! :) we were all very excited, about the adventure :) The kids get so proud, as they each get their own chair in the kitchen, by the counter, to help out with the baking friday adventure :) throughout the course of the day, i texted friends to wish them a happy baking friday :) our kitchen was all set, and we were all ready to bake up some awesome gametime football goodies! :) calling all cookie monsters! :) it's time to bake! bake! bake! :)
We began our super fun adventure! :) We first began, by preparing the pizza's :) baking friday teamwork! :) Kayla and i put the pizza crusts on the counter, and the kids were so excited, they wanted to add the sauce, and cheese :) Kayla, Mikey, and i have been teaching the triplets a lot about baking, they're learning a lot :) they love to join in, on the baking friday fun :) we were sharing smiles, as we enjoyed putting sauce and cheese on the thin crust pizza's :) the crusts are nice, and are available at the dollar store :) the crusts have become one of our favorite pizza crusts :)
It was so nice, as we got the pizza's baking, the kids did great! :) they were very happy for us to be making some potato chips, and french fries :) Earlier today, i washed and cut some potatoes, for the fries and potato chips :) it was gonna be great to make some :) the last time we made some, they were so popular, everyone has been wanting us to make some more :) i had my new deep fryer on a big pan, on the back of our stove, and i poured in some vegetable oil :) the vegetable oil was heating up, Kayla and i got some nice baking pans, to put the potatoes into, when they were finished, we had a great set up in the kitchen, for making the fries and potatoes :) my mom, Jenn, and Alyssa were very excited for us to make some potatoes and fries :)
i began to put the potatoes into the deep fryer, my new deep fryer has a cool lid feature, i love it! :) the pizza's finished baking, the kids wanted some pizza! :) i took a picture of the pizza's, and then cut one of the pizza's, everyone was digging in! :) the potato chips, and fries were frying nicely :) i was so excited, as my mom and Alyssa came out into the kitchen ,it was like everyone was ordering up some fries and pizza! :) woot! :) baking friday! :) we love it! :) this was so awesome! :) we made lots and lots more fries, and potato chips :) Taylynn loves to put some vinegar and salt into a bowl, and dips the potato chips into the vinegar and salt :)
We had so much fun baking the pizza's, and making potato chips and fries today :) i thanked Kayla, Mikey, Colby, Brayden, and Jacob for helping :) They're great helpers :) We love baking friday, and have many more super fun adventures planned :) it's so much fun, cooking, and baking :) we want to bake some more football time goodies next friday :) a very special shoutout, to family and friends, lots of cooking, and baking this week :) we love hearing about all of the nice foods, snacks, and goodies you all cook, and bake on friday, and all throughout the week :) We're with eachother in spirit in our kitchens :) Cheese Pizza's, Fries, and Potato Chips, dedicated to our wonderful family, friends, to the football playoffs, and to the awesome blossoming new year :) we love you all so very very much! :) baking friday! :) we love it! :) many great memories made, to always cherish and treasure :) January 8th, 2016 :) Happy baking friday everyone! :)
We're enjoying a beautiful day! :) baking friday! :) spirit of the new year! :) we love it! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) We're so happy, and delighted, about all of the great things going on, to begin the new year, and all of the very special memories being made :) It's been a nice week, and the weekend is arriving with lots of spirit :) tomorrow, my family and i are gonna go shopping, at the dollar store :) i'm going to buy some goodies, treasures, and healthy snacks, to enjoy while watching football :) the wildcard weekend is arriving, with 4 classic matchups, the NFL playoffs are here :) WOOT!!! :) Good luck, to everyone's teams :) it's gonna be awesome!!! :) playoffs! journey to superbowl 50! :) Holly and i are having a Redskins playoffs party on sunday :) We're looking forward to the big game, and cheering for the Redskins :) i'm going to be writing my weekend journals, sharing all about our adventures, and celebrations :) i'm pumped up and excited! :) There's many more great things to look forward too :) tonight, Holly and i are going to have our paranormal shows party night, watching 2 great episodes of "Most Haunted" on youtube :) we love the show :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, and sweet :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP HAPPY WEEKEND HUG :) We hope everyone enjoys a great weekend :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, today, Kayla, the kids, and i had a fun time baking pizza's, and made french fries, and potato chips, for baking friday :) thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hello :) she says, "i hope everyone is enjoying a good baking friday" : )awww! :) She says, "i hope everyone has a good weekend " :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a wonderful friday :) we wish everyone a nice peaceful, and great weekend :)
Happy baking friday!!! :) FOOTBALL SNACKS THEME!!! :) ARE YOU READY FOR SOME PLAYOFFS FOOTBALL!!! :) oh yeah!!! :) it's Wildcard weekend, and it's that time of the season, fo the PLAYOFFS!!! :)12 teams, and they all have, SUPERBOWL DREAMS!!! :) my family and i are so very happy and excited, about celebrating the football playoffs with everyone :) It's a very exciting time, as there's 12 teams, all of them, have made an incredible journey to the playoffs season, and now have an opportunity at Superbowl 50 glory :) It's gonna be awesome!!! :) my favorite team, the Redskins have made the playoffs, as NFC East Division Champions :) i'm so happy and excited, and i'm ready to CHEER! :) Hail to the Redskins! :) Hail Victory! :) Good luck to everyone's teams in the playoffs :) We hope everyone enjoys the games :) it's so exciting, cheering! :) Today, to celebrate the wildcard round of the playoffs season, we're having a football themed baking friday adventure :) We're baking pizza's, and making french fries, and potato chips :) This is a picture of our kitchen all set up, and decorated for our super fun adventure :) We sure do love our baking friday adventures, and sharing our adventures with everyone :) We treasure all of these very special memories being made :) Thank you for joining us in our kitchen each week, and for welcoming us into your kitchens :) This is so much fun, and very special :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite! :) it's time to bake! bake! bake! :)
baking friday supplies! :) We have a very special shoutout, and thank you, for my dear, and lovely mom and dad :) they went shopping today, and picked up some baking friday supplies :) it's so nice, and sweet of them :) Thank you mom and dad, so very much! :) We all love to chip in each week to get baking friday supplies :) We love this very special tradition in our lives :) Happy baking friday smiles :)
It's football time!!! :) i brought some of my cool Redskins football collectibles into the kitchen today :) i'm so pumped up and excited for the awesome game on sunday :) It's gonna be sweet! :) wildcard weekend is here! :) Go Redskins! :) Hail Victory! :) HTTR! :) i'm ready to cheer and cheer! :)

Greetings, from our kitchen to yours! :) We're all set, and ready for a big baking friday adventure! :) Football weekend arriving! :) Kayla, the kids, and i got our picture taken in the kitchen today :) i'm wearing my Redskins shirt, apron, and hat :) i'm ready for a spirited weekend, with the football playoffs :) i'm ready to cheer! :) Happy baking friday smiles :)
Preparing the Pizza's, Fries, and Potato chips! :) The kids love to help! :) they get so proud, when they get to help add the ingredients :) Sharing lots of smiles, baking friday teamwork! :) You all are always right there with us in spirit, in our kitchen :)

my new deep fryer i recieved for Christmas :)

bake! bake! bake! :) We had the pizza's baking nicely in the oven :) 

Pizza's, Fries, and Potato Chips! :) come on over, for a football baking friday feast! :) awww! :) Kayla, Mikey, Brayden, Colby, Jacob, and i had a super fun time, baking 2 cheese pizza's, and making french fries, and potato chips :) We're getting ready for the big football weekend :) We're so happy and excited! :) we love these awesome times, sharing in, and celebrating our favorite tradition, baking friday :) we treasure the special memories being made :) baking friday! :) we love it! :) January 8th, 2016 :) Happy baking friday everyone! :)



Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and all of you had a wonderful baking Friday adventure.The kids look like they had a super time and the pizza fries and chips came out great.You have lots of fun Redskins collectibles too.Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Have a nice evening. Hugs to all there-Stephanie

Hi Chris Everything looks delicious, especially the potatoe chips. I have always wanted to try to make my own chips.

Making chili tomorrow for the big Steeler game. It is going to be a super exciting game. The Bengals and Steelers have a long rival history so it could get really exciting with a fight or two before the game is over. I am also going to put out some chips and dip and I am going to make a cheesebsll to have with crackers. I can\'t wait to settle in y chair and turn on the game. Here we go Steelers!!!

Then Sunday it is the Redskins. That will be a great game as well and we will be tuned into it and rooting right beside you for your team. We are so hoping that it is the Steelers and Redskins in the Superbowl. Wouldn\'t that be something!!!

Raining here this evening. It was really coming down when I took Mya and Abby out a little bit ago. We are supposed to have rain through this evening and then tomorrow in the afternoon. Much sooner have rain than snow!!! But I know that the snow is coming. It is only a matter of time until the ground gets covered.

So glad that you had such a fun day enjoying not only baking but also spending time with family. There is nothing like time spent with your family. Take care and have a great weekend. Love you--John Debbie Mya Abby and Allie

Hello Chris...Wow look at all those cool decorations!! Your deep fryer looks cool and those potatoes and chips look so good. Looks like everyone is having a great time and having fun. Glad your enjoying your nature walks. Hope your feeling better . You and Holly enjoy your evening programs. Big weekend coming up tonight. Turkey sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner over here. Say hello to everyone from us. We love you bunches Blessings and greenies

YUMMY!! you have a great baking team! what a great looking bunch of food:) your house is filled to the brim with food, fun and family! i LOVE reading your journals:) have a great weekend all of you!

Hi Chris , what a wonderful baking day you had all the food all the kids just warms my heart to see these traditions of yours that makes me so happy and it warms my heart so much I\'m sending you and your family love from deep in my heart and hope you have a wonderful day ,and the Redskins win, I loved your journal it sends out so much love and warmth, glad you got to take your nature walk the weather here is not too good I hope you have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday enjoy the weekend talk to you next week love you bunches your friend Shirley