bad tummy!

I skipped church yesterday morning.  I didn't feel well -- I thought it was because I over did it Saturday after supper --- I walked over 1 1/2 mi., in the dark and cold with hubby and dogs.
I drove to a church in a neighboring county last night (home church of pastor's wife) to watch our small church choir (that my mom is part of) sing.  After the performance, the host church provided a meal for all of the visitors.  I felt pretty good until a short time after we got home.  My stomach started rumblin' and grumblin' --- felt like I was going to explode.  I was up half the night.  Felt better this morning, then my stomach problems returned for a couple of hours.  I slept from 2 in the afternoon until almost 7 tonight.  I feel so-so now, but I'm scared to eat anything.
Did I catch a bug, did I eat something bad, or is this some new twist for me with the CFS?  I used to rarely catch bugs.  Now, I've been sick twice in less than a month!
I don't have time to be sick.  I still have to do some Christmas shopping (and it will take me forever) --- tomorrow it's supposed to be 50F and sunny, perfect shopping weather.



I know the bad tummy thing! SInce I\'ve had CFS, I rarely get stomach bugs, flu\'s, upper respiratory thingys. Odd, but true!!

Possibly you just ate something that your fussy tummy didn\'t recognize as being a good idea, and your belly rebelled. This is the way I found out I had food allergies. Simple try it, and see what happens. It was a long journey, but I\'ve found out that I have no tolerance for dairy!! Eliminating that took away a tremendous amount of my stomach pain.

Jeepers, we just wanna go to church!!! Seems like that should work out for us, doesn\'t it? I can\'t get to our service on Sunday, because it\'s simply too early in the day. My body don\'t do mornings! SO, I listen to Dr. Charles Stanley on TV or on the puter. It isn\'t the same as the fellowship I so miss with my friends....and singing the hymns, but it\'s worship.....the CFS way. I\'m not alone. Many of us can\'t get to church. I do try....sometimes, there are those wonderful days, where I can get there.

Feel better! BAD TUMMY! Misbehaving around Christmas!!

Pilot, I\'m sorry to hear you had an upset tummy - I can really relate to that. I remember you just went through this a few weeks ago. I have a very restricted diet now(gluten free, small, frequent meals, and on and on) which can be very frustrating, but I feel much better when I\'m very careful how I eat. I hope you are just having a small setback and don\'t have to deal with this long term. Hope you were able to get your Christmas shopping done - did all of mine online this year.