Bad phone manners.

  Here goes another one kiddies:  When did we, as a society, forget that there are rules to phone use?  Is it the advent of the cell phone?  I have a young couple, mid twenties, two kids that I am the Godfather to, that come back to Abilene from Kansas where he is stationed when he comes back from over seas.  He is a helicopter gunner in the Air Force.  They came back to Abilene on Thursday and Friday they took me out for dinner.  I had a great time and gave him a large oriental vase to add to his collection of everything oriental.  Today they left for Kansas.  With two kids they had decided to drive.  They called me four times today.  The first three times I tried to be polite but between the screaming of the kids and the cell phone cutting in and out it was rather hard to hear her.  When she called a fourth time I got a tad annoyed.  What was I doing she asked me.  I told her that I was trying to live my life without being stuck to the phone listening to screams, cutouts, her eating and countless noises that I didn't really want to hear.  She got angry when I asked her want she wanted.  She said that she was bored so she figured that she would call me and bullshit for a while.  Abilene to her house is an 18 hour drive!     Yes, I know, I could of not answered but with them on the road I was worried that it could be important.  It wasn't!  So I tried to explain that not everyone was stuck in a car on the road for 18 hours.  She asked me what I had to do that was more important then listening to hear kvetch.  I saw red for about one minute but by the time I cooled off it was to late.  I told her that when I am home alone I try and jerk off at every moment and that she was being rude in that she was 1) interupting my aimless life for no reason. 2) trying to talk to me when her kids are screaming so loud that I can't hear her. 3) maybe, just maybe I was doing something personal and did not want to be interrupted. 4) Last but certainly not the least, calling on a cell that constantly cuts out so that she has to call me back 10 or so times.  That was enough for her, she hung up.  I love these kids dearly but why dont they know the rules of phone use?  If you have nothing to say, dont call me to tell me about it.  If your kids are screaming louder than your talking, dont call me, I can't hear you anyways.  And the biggest surprise, I might, just might, have other things to do!   Oh ya, I really dont want to hear you eating a happy meal, save that for your poor hubbies.  Get a cell plan where the phone doesn't cut out constantly.  These are phones, not toys.  Who forgot to teach the kids the rules of phone use??????? E