Back to Writing!

I haven't posted in my journal and I am feeling it!  When I was faithful of writing in my journal on a daily basis I did so much better - I have been in a slump, not feeling well, feeling down :(  I believe if I start writing again it is going to help me!    Well, today is my youngest sons birthday and we will be going to "Hometown Buffett" - I hate going to restaurants but I am doing it for my son, so I need to have a smile on face and face my fear!!  On Saturday we are having a birthday party for him and that is going to be difficult too, I have a problem when I host a party, it makes me anxious, but again a smile on my face!   I am still taking my walks up and down my street - my comfort zone, I need to start going a little further but it seems that every time I try I freak out and rush home.   I am not sure how to get past that point but I guess I should just keep trying. I never did make it to the Panic Assistance support group - I used the excuse that I didn't feel well but I should have gone anyway.  I will try again next week - I sure hope I make it this time.  I need to realize that people at this support group are alot like me, they all have some kind of anxiety, phobia issue, etc. including the therapists.