Back pain after eating

Hi all,
My husband was diagnosed with stage 3B esophageal cancer on May 8. He went through the radiation and chemo and had his esophagectomy on August 30. It has been a very rough road to say the least. He recently starting having severe pain in his back, just behind the sternum. Sometimes this is followed by vomiting which usually relieves some of the pain. Have any of you experienced this or know how to control pain. Can ya hone tell me what the average recovery time is and how long you remained on pain meds? Thanks so much for any advice/information you have to offer.



Went for the second follow up after surgery last Tuesday. The feeding tube was removed since he could not tolerate it anyway. Learning to eat the correct amounts and learning what can be tolerated has been very tough. He has developed an aggregating cough that keeps him up at night so he don\'t rest very well. We have tried many remedies but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions???