Back in the Saddle

I was off my diabetes med for almost a year after I got my new job due to lack of insurance.  And, I admit, I veered off my diet on occasion.  At the start of the year, I got back on the med and something strange happened.  My diet came back!  There was never any effort to do so, but I noticed this week that the Hershey Kisses don't stay in the refrigerator any more and that although I'm tempted by the Hostess cupcakes in the convenience stores, they've stayed in the store.  Other "bad" foods have stayed out of the house too.  Wonder what happened?



Way to go. I think we learn to live without, but we also know that we can cheat or treat ourselves once in a while.
I love those turnovers Walmart sell 4 to a package. Eat one of those with 8 ozs of milk and I am fine.
We have to know and listen to our bodies.