Back in the City

I'm back at the apartment.  So good to be back.  Did a whole lot of running around yesterday before coming back. Returned something at one store...had to wait forever...I seem to always pick the busiest times to stand in line at customer service.  LOL.  Then had to head to another store to pick up something that I had ordered in...Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea!  It is sooooo yummy.  My psychiatrist got me started on it...she brought some back from the US when she was there on a trip and you can't find it around here...but I found a store that was willing to order it I'm trying to get everyone else liking it so that they'll keep ordering it in.  LOL.  There's no caffeine and it's really healthy and yummy...and this is coming from someone who is really really fussy about herbal teas.   After that I had an appointment but got there early so went to Treats and got an Iced Latte...whoa that was strong coffee they used...but it was good.  Haha.  Walked around for a bit with mom while drinking my latte and killing some time...then went to my appointment.  Liquid Nitrogen treatment on my plantars wart.  Ugh.  I love the nurse that I had the appointment with though...she is such a sweetie and really does do a thourough job and doesn't make the appointment feel rushed.   After that had to go to the mall to take care of a couple things there.  The bank is there and my parents gave me a check to pay off my VISA so I did that and was able to start the process of decreasing my credit limit on that card.  Then I went to Telus to check out the BlackBerry I was looking at online and seeing as I could get it free and a plan that I liked for the same as I was paying with Rogers and on only a 2 year contract I went for it.  So I've been playing with it trying to figure out how to do anything.  But I'm learning quick.  I got to keep my same phone # too which was important to me since I've had it for around 8 years.  I did a bit of research and asked around and everyone recommended Telus over the other providers here saying they are hands down the best.  So, I'm now a BlackBerry owner.  Hehe.  I never really cared if I got one, never figured out I would be able to get one with a plan in my price range, but I saw this and it's like a nice little surprise.  :)  Nice new toy.   After that Mom and I went to drop of some stuff at Salvation Army and went in and looked around a bit.  I didn't find anything this time.  Well, I lie...I found a book that I wanted to read but decided not to buy it because I have lots of books here that I haven't read yet and one is by the same author.  So I decided I didn't need it right now.   After that Mom and I were hungry so we went to Macdonalds.  Neither of us really wanted to go but we had some coupons that were expiring so we went.  Mom said it was her treat.  LOL.  I have to say though, I LOVE their fries.  After supper we lugged stuff back to my apartment (all my stuff that I took out to my parents) and took a washroom break, and then we went to the grocery store to pick up some groceries and also deposit the other credit card check my parents gave me.  It will take awhile for that one to go through....since there are no tellers...I had to deposit it into my regular checking account, wait for it to clear, and then transfer it.  Blah.  Ah well.  It's good to know I won't be paying credit cards anymore.  I will be writting checks to my parents though and giving cash when they let me.  Mostly checks though...that way I can give them post-dated checks and they can cash them at their convenience same way as I do rent with my landlord.  After all that...I came home...set up the computer and played with my phone until I was tired enough to sleep.  Problem was...I had a hard time falling asleep.  Was too tired to do anything though so I just laid there and eventually drifted off.  Woke up early and on my own today but I'm happy about that.  I'm actually keeping a fairly normal sleep/wake cycle right now and not napping.  We'll see what happens tonight/tomorrow though....I'm cutting back the Oxazepam since I don't have any appointments or anything tomorrow. Gotta go.  Haven't had my coffee yet...and I gotta have it.  :P  Did finish my breakfast though.  I always have my cereal first.