Back home finally!

I want to thank all who said prayers for my husband!  He also wants to say thank you too!  We appreciate all your support!   You might think we are crazy, but I cut the grass and my husband fixed a flat on my car.  I pulled the air compressor up front and he did the rest.  I hope he didn't over do it again!  He seems fine and that is all I care about!  He didn't have to have the second operation and as far as the Doctor can tell wont!  I don't know how I would cope if he has to go back!  Even when I would fall asleep in the hospital a nurse or house keeping ect,  would come in the room!  And there was also a woman who had downs syndrome who yelled alot! Can't get mad but can't sleep through it either! LOL! Well I am now completely exausted and will be busy catching up on all that had to wait!  May all my friends have a safe,painless and happy weekend!   :  )