Back home after hospital tests!

Hi everyone 
I am back home after hospital tests today!
They should call it the Vampire clinic!!...they took 8 lots over a period of 6hours!!
The nurse struggled to get the last lot, she tried everything!!..then we started talking about ex husbands!!...well my blood pressure must have gone thro' the roof talking about the crazy ex and the blood just appeared by magic!!
I askd them if they were going to replace what they took with some super strength stuff seeing as I wasn't planning on parting with that much today, but no luck, had to make do with an NHS egg sandwich and cup of tea!...but I was very grateful for that as I had to starve from midnight till 2pm!!
The staff were brilliant, work really hard and take the time to talk to everyone, but I kept falling asleep as I was awake all night before I went in!
Just got to wait for results now with fingers crossed!!



love the new avatar, Lion power ;) Good luck with your test results, may the best outcome be in your favor. Salt is good in increasing blood volume (if u do not have high pressure) I would probably faint if they took all that blood haha some fries can do a body good in certain instances :) happy new year!

Happy New Year to you Cache!!
I\'m a always had an affinity with Lions!
I do crave salt quite a bit!...blood pressure fluctuates, fine laid down, quite high if I do anything!
Any excuse for fries...I will take that on board!!
Will be a couple of weeks I think before I hear anything about results, but will let you know!
Hope this New Year is a really good one for you!xoxoxo

I just saw this journal.Well now , I\'m a Leo too .I can relate to all those blood tests .I had 7 vials taken a couple of weeks ago. I have had so many blood tests over the years with my long term cfs.I should be desensitized by now but still get stressed every time.I know this an old journal but wanted to comment anyway.Wishing you all the best my friend.Love and new healing.xo