Back Home

Wow what a week.  I miss being with my sister-in-law.  I am being woke up every morning sometimes before 7.  They forget I have never been a great sleeper and suffer from bouts of insomnia.  I take my mom everywhere-she is unable to drive.  I don't resent that but I am focused on her needs more than my own.  Filling out applications has been impossible.  I am going to keep trying.  I took her to church and my laptop got pushed off a bar and its not registering my external wi-fi.  I just really fell trapped.  I keep dreaming about being in a war zone type of situatin where I have to find my way out maze like.  I was only refered on one of the applications I filled out while at my sister in laws house.  I did get one other that atleast let me know I rated a 92 out of 100 but they still didn't refer me to the hiring office either.  I am just at my wits end.  My hair is falling out it seems and I hav egained 30 pounds in the last year.  Its been a year and I just want to move forward.  I feel bad though too because that will leave mom behind with like no support.  I try to keep hope that all willl work out as it should.  Talk to me guys.