back from the rheumy

Well they won't start the prednisone tapering yet, but I am hopeful that after I see the respirologist and have those tests done that there will be some improvement and then we can start tapering off the evil drug....I have been feeling better and think that I am breathing better, I hope I am and it is not just wishing it to be.
they had me increase the dose on the cyclophosphimide, so I am up to 150mg now. I hope this won't cause any nausea, I had some trouble when I increased to 100mg and had to split the dose so now I have to add a lunch time dose, I hope I will be able to remember it.
The mind seems to be ... I almost set the house on fire the other day, I set the pan on the stove added the oil and proceeded to walk away????? WTH   The house was full of smoke and I swear the pan was about to go up when I finally realized what was going on. I've done the same thing with the water, start it running and then walk away, it is like I am a distracted child.
All my bloodwork and other tests are all good, but they are not sure if my white count is elevated because of the pred or not so we will keep an eye on that, and they want me to do a 6 min walk test when I do the pft and chest xray when I see the respirologist in 3 weeks. and we go from there.
On a good note my daughter is coming home for a short visit, so that's something to look forward too!
I took down all my winter decorations and put up the spring stuff hopeing to encourage the nice weather to come back. I hope I didn't jinx it!!!!It is nice to have some colourful things up.



I did that same thing with a pan of popcorn, put my three kernals in the oil and waited to hear the pops, got a kitchen full of smoke instead. Made the mistake of taking a bathroom break. I hope you get to taper the prednisone, I\'m keeping my fingers crossed for myself. I\'ll find out March 15th. I hope that you have a nice visit with your daughter. It\'s always good to see the one\'s we love. I hope you didn\'t jinx spring also, lol. I\'m with you on the colorful things, too much white around here. The boy and I are supposed to make some spring decorations this weekend and he has ordered up some cookies. Too funny, but the poor little guy is sick again, uggh. Come on spring!!!!