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The conference: Restoration, Days of Elijah  The Presenters: Reza Safa Vancovering Cloud Cortez Scott Description: Returning to the Hebraic Roots of Christianity, Judaism is the foundation of the Christian faith. The Resurrection of Jesus redeems us from the CURSE of the Law (Torah) for disobedience, but the Torah is the Word of God... Our Lord, for us to live and prosper according to God (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) and His Good Plans for us.  The Spirit supersides the physical, and by returning to the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob, ourrelationship goes back to the beginning of how it was meant to be in the Garden (Eden) before the fall of man. Hebrew provides the evidence of God's existence within nature thru it's references to agricultural concepts conveyed. The Islamic / Judeo-Christian conflict is documented in the scriptures, and is exemplified by the struggles accounted for between Isaac & Ishmael, Essau & Jacob, The people of Israel & the Amalekites, in past, present, & prophetic context. The Lord's Love and Peace be with you!