back at work, not so easy

I'm back at work and am struggling with the driving twice a day. My co-worker was reminding me of the effort it takes to drive. Thank God it's only 3 miles. I have to recover an hour after I get to work and another hour when I get home. My left side where the bad scarring was and most of my stitches were bothers me a lot. The folks at work are being really nice about not giving me too much work. I'm only working half days but by hour 4 I really start to go down hill. I'm having trouble getting my sleep schedule back on track and getting up in the morning is a struggle. The best news is my dependence on God to get me through my work life has really been a great help. I have started reading 31 days of intercession devotionals each night which gives me different things to pray for and makes me focus more and more on my spirituality and my relationship with God. This whole hysterectomy experience has made me realize that my health matters more than the stresses at work. I just pray my new attitdue is truly a lifestyle change.