Back and Tired

The first week back at work is over.  After a week off trying to learn to breathe again and learning my limitations, I just tried to survive the week.  I'd quit smoking, but the job pressure was hard.  Am now smoking only after particularly hard calls.  By Friday night, I was feeling very tired.  Worn out.  Didn't  realize how tired I was till Saturday afternoon.  I laid down on the bed and was out for about three hours!  Was going to mow the yard this morning, but the grass is still too wet and I'm still too tired.  Plus, I've got a problem with my right leg.  Eczema has taken over and made it swell.  It hurt all day yesterday, but feels better today and the swelling has gone down.  Still have a sore on  the bottom of my left foot.  The skin's beginning to peel from where my toes start.  The doc says keep it oiled up, but that doesn't seem to do much good.  Tired of wearing two socks on it.  Guess we'll see what happens.