Baby Steps.

Today I went to Target to get some food items. Anyway, I did do a little lap around half of the store. Of course in the handbag area there was  a gorgeous bag, on clearance and the LAST one left in that color. This is where I normally would grab and feel good about myself. I was seriously going to buy it for about 5 minutes. Well, I resisted!! I DID IT. I stood there hand on the bag and thought of ALL the bags on top of bags that I have at home and how many of them I do not even use. (If someone was watching me do this, I bet they thought I was mental. lol) Anyway, that worked! I walked away. Then, I ended up in the beauty aisle and walked away from there too ( I thought of all the unused makeup in a DESK at home)! I went to the food, saw some more food on sale, so I bought that and what I came for ONLY. Food is a NEED so if I see some of that on sale Im getting it! Today was a GOOD day. I resisted completely for like the very 1st time. WHEW!!