baby funnies

ok, i was sitting on one of those vibrating back massagers..... when it turned off, i felt my stomach wiggilng, not wiggling, LOL vibrating still.... my friend with me even saw it and felt it... aparently the baby had got in tune with the vibrations of the back massager, and was vibrating right along with it, then when it stopped she just kept going!!!! LOL, it made me laugh. i dont have much time to write, or to check up on everyone's entries, but i love you all.  as far as the baby's dad, he is still hit and miss. just when i think that he will come around, and talk to me, maybe even give it a chance of having a relationship, he runs. but he will openly talk about sex. its the only thing he will talk about with me. anytime i hit a soft spot, talk about how i feel, or talk about the baby's future needs, he closes up and disappears. he takes time to go to church, but wont make time to see me or speak with me, about us, or the baby. but he will call me back to talk about sex or joke around. He will probably have to go to counseling through the navy. who knows. what more can i do?ive begged him to think things over, ive poured my heart and feelings and fears out to him, ive forgiven him, ive allowed him to turn his back on us again and again, given him time. proposed comprimises.  im still hurt, and confused. and part of me still wants him. but what can i do? i hope he gets what he deserves. i hope someday he grows up, and wakes up one morning, and suddenly all the emotions pour into him, of how he abandoned me, and left his daughter, and how he is alone, and how he will never know his daughter, or the parts he missed of her life.  the puppy is getting bigger, starting to walk and bark, its incredibly cute. i put down the deposit on her, so she is on her way to being mine... little wiggly. she will be a good dog for my baby to play with and feel comfortable with while im in college or work.  ive pretty much enrolled in college. i took a class and got alot of informitive information, and it looks like i can do this, it will be SO tight for the next few years. but i can do this.