Azaithprine and Lab work

Have neen on the Azaithprine for 2 weeks now my liver alk p was 150 before and considered high .I am now wondering as I see after 2 weeks it is now at 248 but no news from the nurse as yet .Apt due on the 8/3 will see what happens then . Both wrists and ankles seem constrantly sore and swollen and hips too .No one is saying the arthritis word I know I have sjogrens and other connective tissue disease .along with reduced lung function ,bronchietasis ,acid reflux ,crest has been mentioned as I have raynauds ,tanglatia and hiatus hernia ,achilles tendonitis and extreme fatigue .Crikey why aren't they telling me what it is . I guess I know but I want them to tell me the azaithiprine will fix it .I am also pretty scared and want to be positive that it will go away but who am I fooling .I think I even feel depressed as a part of me wants to just take another couple of tramadol and sleep through it all . I am not functioning well at work and I want more from life then sleeping and feeling in pain . Probably just having a vent to myself it is hard to rationalise when feeling pain and fearful I guess I know the results mean my liver is not doing good but I don'ty know how bad that result is .