Awsome Weekend!!!

 This was a really great weekend!  Thanksgiving dinner came out good, my son and father along with my husband and myself were togeather and ate like royalty!!  Then Friday I had the day to myself, and somehow managed to sleep 14 hours from Thurs night till 12:00 Friday morning!  Had a really busy week, guess it just caught up with me. Then Saturday my 3 year old granddaughter came to visit and spent the night with us.  We got up Sunday and she "helped" make pancakes for breakfast, then we went shopping to get her some new shoes and a coat.  Ended up getting 2 coats, 2 pair of shoes and three outfits!! Oh, and a Rupunsel doll with clothes.  Had a great time!!!  All that stuff cost less than what I use to spend in one week on booze.  Today is day 19 and still feeling great.  The times between feeling like maybe a drink would be nice are getting a lot further apart and not very strong at all.  Hope everyone is doing well and looking toward the future!!  Hang in there!!!!