Awkward Introduction

Alright, where to begin? Well, I suppose the best place to
begin is telling you a bit of the basic Ws who, what, why, where. Lets start
with the who and just briefly touch on this aspect in an informal matter at
this time.


Who am I? I promise that I will not make a novel of this
point in the very beginning of the first entry. I am a 35 year old Asian
American woman who has been married for 13 years and have four boys. I am a
housewife that stays at home (which is very rare now a day) and have a modest
little business that keeps me occupied. I have a home (2 to be exact) 2 cars,
live in a quiet quant neighborhood, have 3 older brothers, a father, a mother,
and a living grandmother. Oh, and I have other relatives (aunts, uncles, and
cousins). I guess, I could be categorized as the typical average American but,
we will explore this a bit more in future entries. Remember, I did say this was
an informal introduction.


What am I doing on here and Why did I choose to start
writing a journal? I have chosen to physically write down what I feel instead
of internalizing all of my emotions and thoughts. I have found that this
internalizing is not been a healthy alternative to coping with my many
conflicting feelings that I battle in my middle ages. Why do I need to do this?
I am still not quite sure myself. I think perhaps I am doing it to reflect or
perhaps be heard or maybe to not feel so alone.


Where, is something that will be answered in time. When I
look back at my journal, I will see where I am and if I have progressed in life
where I want to be in life. Where I could maybe change some behaviors or
attitude toward myself and others to better everyones life including my own.
Where life will take me, is unknown but, I am the maker of my actions and so I
start here in this internet journal for all to see.