Avoidance, Not the Best of Days

Since I'm healed up from my bout of flu there's much I should be doing to get caught up, especially for school. I haven't checked the online classroom space in two weeks, nor my emails. I am afraid. On Thursday my therapist said I was making progress from how I'd been in the past as I would have then just assumed I'd failed and not even tried to catch up.  That's true, and I felt good about making a plan for this weekend to do as much catch up as I could and resign myself to the fact of summer classes if I do fail, because that's the worst that can happen right?The problem is that now I don't seem to want to face what I need to do. I've been avoiding my list for days. I haven't logged on to check my mail or the class discussions. I am setting myself up for failure if I don't do this, yet I cannot seem to bring myself to go through that metaphorical door. I am afraid, and I am disgusted by my fear and my lack of action. I know what I need to do, so why can't I just do it. I am afraid and sliding into overwhelmed.