Average Morning

Just the usual blue morning- just hope and pray that Ill cheer up like I usually do.
We are going to go for a walk soon-I don't feel up to doing my usual Arnie round the block walk.  Had a small chat with Tim so hope he doesnt mind me outting him....no I wouldnt do that-we all have our idiosyncracies here.But I have shared a few with some chatters and feel the better for it.
Its kind of a nothing grey day today. Matches my mood. Last night I felt 8/10 easily. Now its about a 3 or 4 which is a lot better than its been in the past. I dont feel suicidal as I have done before. But its not much fun to be below half way. Just got to grit my teeth and expect to feel progressively better through the day.
Got a nice messsage from Trox-she was fun to chat with so i hope we keep in touch better. I do like DS its very engrossing and distracting.
feel a bit awkward when people dont initiate though. Might trawl for some new friendsafter we get home from our walk.
Won't expect 300 words today. Nothing new to say-just another day.
I am not suitably grateful for all my blessings. Concentrate on counting my blessings.