Aunt Flo

Aunt Flo arrived today. I thought...just maybe this might be THE time...according to charting I was expecting Auntie on Monday...I'd been having some weird stomach aches and coffee was making me I was hopeful. Disappointed today.  Had a discussion about adoption with my oldest SIL last night. It was ok. I get kind of tongue tied with stuff. Everyone likes to give you their stories about adoption rather than hearing what you are going through. I believe it shocked her a bit to hear we are going to have to take out a loan. I'm hoping my inlaws will start to understand how hard this really is. She said her gay BIL adopted two boys from the foster system and she had written a letter of recommendation for them. I thought that was nice...her husband didn't agree with his brother adopting two boys since he is gay...but my SIL thought he and his partner would be good parents so she wrote the letter. I thought that was really nice.  She also told me about meeting a woman in the hospital adopting a methadone baby and how she paid $40000. Adoption shouldn't cost so much. It seems so wrong...they are humans....I really don't get our adoption system in the US. There is too much profit to be had by these agencies.  Of course she also said "well you know once you adopt you will get pregnant". I tried to tell her that it was like 1% that happens to...but she thought it was a great  thing to say and repeated it. Oh was nice she asked me about it. I hope family starts asking more...I like talking about adoption and what we are going through. I feel hopeful about it....its like announcing your pregnant...only a long ways off! I hope our local agency has their orientation soon. They are the last one I was interested in. I think I will call them today to see if it is "fall" yet. They said they'd have a meeting in the "fall". I feel they are a bit more ethical in that they only accept families wanting to adopt within 70 miles of the agency. The TX agency I called to have a phone orientation never called me I guess I will forget about them.