At Work

The changes at work are well under way. I wish I had felt more comfortable speaking to my boss before I finally did. I have been struggling in the position I had for 2 years. Sometimes working 60 plus hours a week and always 7 days a week. This was just to keep up. I was salaried so no one took notice.
I had seen others let go if they couldn't cut it, so I struggled on. My boss and I met and talked frankly about the fact that it wasn't working. As I steeled myself to hear that they were bringing my purse and keys to me and needed to arrange to come in and pack my personal crap up, he said," So I have an idea that I believe you will like." I now have a new direction and it's nearly finished in transition now. My stress level is still high, but manageable.
I have worked for this company for 17 plus years and now I know why I stay. It's a great place to work. I just don't want to live there! I now have a position with less responsibility, and less pay, but more ability to help others and teach others, which is my heart.
I pray continually for God to help me find my way since Mom passed. I now realize he's been working with me the whole time. We will find our new Normal together. That is a peaceful thought. I also have learned that I need to allow others to be blessed by helping me. People in our lives are Gods answer to our prayers.