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?1 to show their distribution. Statistical differences were found between fertile and infertile patients through TUNEL assay, SCSA, SCD test and alkaline Comet assay (p? Correlation between all techniques was assessed using the Spearman test. High correlations were found between the SCD test and SCSA (r?=?0.71; p? 0.918 respectively. The SCSA showed lower association with male infertility, with an area below the curve of 0.792?cm2, and a cut-off value of 18.90% of SDF with a sensitivity of 0.595 and a specificity of 0.875. Finally, the neutral Comet assay showed no association with male infertility, with the lowest area below the curve (0.516?cm2), a cut-off value of 34.37% of SDF with a sensitivity and specificity of 0.970 and 0.320, respectively. Although the use of different methodologies to assess sperm DNA damage has been widely discussed, a few reports have compared the clinical utility and the correlation between the most common methods in a comprehensive manner (Erenpreiss et?al., 2004; Chohan et?al., 2006; Garcia-Peir�� et?al., 2011). Therefore, we performed this comparative analysis to test their correlation and to determine the different clinical cut-off values among the most used techniques. The analysis of SDF showed statistical differences between fertile and infertile patients in the TUNEL assay, SCSA, the SCD test and the alkaline Comet assay as different reports have previously found (Gandini et?al., 2000; Irvine et?al., 2000; Zini et?al., 2001; Saleh et?al., 2002; Chohan et?al., 2006; Garcia-Peir�� et?al.